Good Manners Group™
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Course Overview

Lessons are fashioned to meet the specific interests of the group or individual. Below is a sampling of content areas from which one can choose. 

Etiquette Everyday   
  • Accepting and paying a compliment
  • Making and accepting an apology
  • Asking permission
  • Avoiding gossip
  • Respecting others' belongings and time

First Impressions

  • Importance of eye contact
  • Proper handshake
  • Introducing people and being introduced
  • Speaking tone and voice
  • Using proper names and titles

The Art of Conversations

  • Being a good conversationalist
  • Taking turns when in a conversation
  • Showing interest
  • Being a good listener
  • Avoiding oversharing and one-upsmanship
  • Looking for conversation ending cues 
  • Not gossiping
  • Asking good vs. nosy questions
  • Avoiding boring conversations

Dining Skills and Table Manners

  • Dining Fundamentals
  • Table settings
  • Eating with grace at family meals, restaurants, dinner parties, and in the cafeteria
  • Dealing with foods you don't like
  • Treating service workers nicely
  • Ordering from a menu
  • Appropriate mealtime conversation

Etiquette Everywhere

  • Opening the door for others
  • Acting properly when you're bored
  • Behaving well in a theater, mall, and store
  • Being a good guest and host
  • Determining whether questions from strangers are appropriate or dangerous
  • Exhibiting good sportsmanship as a player and/or fan

Written Communication

  • Writing thank you notes, greeting cards, postcards, and invitations
  • Computer etiquette/ethics

Phone Communication

  • Answering the telephone properly
  • Leaving and taking a message via the phone
  • Having understandable, productive, and appropriate phone conversations
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