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Good Manners Group, LLC
Being able to socially interact appropriately and confidently is an enormous competitive advantage in today’s society. I created the Good Manners Group to give children the tools to feel confident and comfortable in social situations and relationships. The manners lessons provide children with the knowledge that will enable them to live, play, and work harmoniously with others through promoting the values of empathy, fairness, unselfishness, and respect. All children want to make a good impression, feel confident, be successful, and be liked, but the ease and accessibility of technology as a form of communication has made some children uncomfortable with face-to-face interactions and/or socially unaware of how their actions affect others.  Technology etiquette will be addressed as well as the many benefits of traditional oral and written communication to enable students to find success in everything from day-to-day interactions with friends, to meeting new people, and eventually going on college/job interviews. Lessons are designed for children ages 5-17 years old. 

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